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Type: Tapered Flat End
Materials: stainless steel + natural diamonds
Brand: PBC
Item#: TF-20

Made of high hardness natural diamondspowder, it can ensure the sharpness of dental burs and prevent the whole piecefrom falling off.

The handle of the burs is made of high-grade stainless steel with high strength and strong rust resistance.

Through high precision program controlprocessing, the handle itself has a highly accurate axis degree and size and reducesthe vibration while the burs is moving, which is helpful to protect the handpieceaxis, improve the doctor's operation flexibility and work efficiency.

For the safety of user and patient it ishighly recommended that only qualified dentists should work with dental diamondburs.

Maximum speed :450000 RPM

Each burs can be used to polish 6-8 teeth.

Manufacturer: Dongguan Yilong MedicalSupplies Co., Ltd.

Address: 2ND   industrial zone, Langzhou, Changping town,dongguan city.

Money Q International Ltd is a trading company at UK with manufacturing base in China. We are committed to produce premium dental products for our worldwide clients. We aim at providing one-stop service for our clients with innovative technology, competitive shipment cost, faster delivery and after-sales service. Money Q is looking forward to serving you better in the near future!
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